My Novels

I'm a writer, and one day I plan on publishing. Until I get my author site up, you can take a peek at my novels here. These are only a few of the ones I have lying around, waiting to be edited. Most of these will also probably have title changes.

The covers are unofficial, of course. I made them myself. I hope you enjoy them.

Jeremiah Was A Bullfrog

Kay Hollander was a normal boy, just graduated from high school, until the day his best friend, Jeremiah, got turned into a frog. Kay sets out to find a way to restore Jeremiah to his human form. His search leads him through a portal to a strange new world called Zilmannio, where mythical creatures live and magic is real.

Once he gets there, he sets off to find a cure to Jeremiah's curse. Along the way, a girl, an elf, a mouse, and a troll join his quest. However, the cure turns out to be a princess, who has just gone missing. Kay will risk everything, including never going home, to save his friend before he's stuck as a frog forever.

In a third round of editing.

Return to Wonderland

Celia was never normal, between being homeschooled and a gymnast with Olympic dreams. But when a mysterious book appears on her birthday, she's told she's the descendant of the Alice, and is taken away to Wonderland all in one night, she learns she's even less normal than she thought.

Wonderland is torn by war between the Destroyers and the Wonder Fighters when Celia arrives. The Destroyers are trying to make Wonderland like our world, normal and boring, while the Wonder Fighters strive to keep it the same way. They want Celia to help. She agrees, but comes to find things are more complicated than she thought. Surrounded by friends and enemies, Celia must make difficult decisions and discover the truth about who she is.

I'm actually totally re-writing this book and the second book. They both need a lot of work.

The Girl With the Sword

Hana Johnson is horribly shy girl living near LA. On a family trip to Japan, she discovers a mysterious sword in some ruins. The next day, the sword's guardian appears and tells her the sword will give her superpowers. Hana remains in Japan to train in the art of ninjitsu.

A year later, Hana returns home a changed person. She sets herself up as a superhero and begins helping the city. It all goes smoothly until a super villain named Arachnid shows up. Hana must choose whether to pursue justice or friendship in an epic battle that will test her to the core.

About to go into the third editing round.

Goggles, Corsets, and Cyborgs

In England, the 1890s, with cyborgs, automatons, and flying machines, lives Elle, daughter of a lord. Unlike other young ladies of her station and age, she has a dream to build machines. In the upper class where women are simply meant to be ornaments of grace and gentility, that's something likely to get her shunned forever. However, Elle's never cared about what they think. She gets her father's begrudging permission and heads off to a school to achieve her dream.

At the same time, a cyborg lord named Whitlock begins to put in motion a terrible plan to exterminate machines throughout all England as revenge for ruining his life.

As Elle discovers, school is hard, especially since she is the only girl and must deal with the doubt of the male students. Before she can truly become comfortable, the school is shut down due to recent mechanical mishaps. Elle, along with several friends, sets out learn what's going on. The plot she discovers runs deeper and farther back than anyone realizes. She and her friends must stop the mastermind behind it, Whitlock, before his deadly plan kills thousands.

I finished the first draft. Soon I'll have to look into starting edits.


  1. They all sound good! If you want to self-publish, I'd recommend, it's really helpful and easy.

    1. I hope they sound as good to other people as they do to you. :D Thanks for the suggestion, but I'm hoping to traditionally publish. I'll keep that site in mind, though.