Writing is a major part of my life and my blog. Since I write a lot about it, I've only included my most popular posts here. You can find more by searching in the sidebar.

3 Act Structure for Beginners

Best Websites for Writers

NaNoWriMo Part 1: Ideas and Characters

NaNoWriMo Part 2: Setting and Outline

NaNoWriMo Part 3: Final Details and NaNoWriMo Account

NaNoWriMo Part 4: The Last Bits

A Writer's Guide to Violinists

Secondary Character Questionaire

Writings Spaces for Those with No Space

A Writer's Guide to Homeschoolers

Fantasy Map-making for the Artistically Challenged

Cliches in Writing: What to Do About Them

Writing Sequels: Lessons from Disney

Reversing Time: Why You Shouldn't Use It

How to Add Length to Your Novel

Writing a Secondary Character Like Inigo Montoya

Strong Female Characters Part 1: The Problem

Strong Female Characters Part 2: The Solution


  1. Thanks for compiling this list! Planning to reference it alot. :)

  2. Thanks, I'm glad it's helpful to you.


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