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Writing Lessons from Treasure Planet

Of all the re-tellings out there (and there are a lot), I think Treasure Planet is one of my favorites. This Disney movie takes the story of Treasure Island, by Robert Louise Stevenson, and sets it in space. It has a great cast, amazing animation, and most importantly, was a great re-telling of the original. In this post, we're going to look at what writing lessons we can learn from it, specifically in the re-telling department.

Spoilers ahead!

1. Create great characters

Treasure Planet has amazing characters, cleverly based off their counterparts in the novel. From turning Long John Silver into a cyborg, the captain into a cat woman, and Ben into a robot with a lost memory. The most important thing is that while they are based off the book characters, they each have their own unique feel.

When re-doing a story, the first thing you need to think about is characters. Will you do the classic turn the villain into the hero? What about changing a character from human to another form? The …

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