How to Make Simple Earrings

Many people wear earrings these days and you can get all sorts of types. Dangles, studs, chandelier, and more. But why not try to make a pair? It's not that hard, plus you can make them to match a certain outfit. Awesome, right?
Today I will show you how to make a simple, easy pair of dangles. Clear a work space and let's get started. These instructions are for a right handed person, so just reverse them if you're a lefty.

Beads of your choice (at least two types)
2 head pins
2 fishhook earring hook
Needle nose pliers
Wire cutters

Step 1: Choose what pattern you want for your beads. This may take a while, so don't worry. I often put together and take apart an earring several times to find the way I like it best. Two tips- try a cool bead in the middle. And two- remember the rule of odds. Three or five beads are more pleasing to the eye than two or four.

Step 2: If you haven't already, string your beads on the head pin.

Step 3: Take the head pin in your left hand and the pliers in your right. Fold the top of the head pin over at a 90 degree angle right above your beads.

Step 4: Place your finger next to the bent part, side up. (Sorry for the crappy picture. I was having problems with the self timer.)

Step 5: Cut the head pin next to your finger, without cutting your finger off hopefully. You may have to score the pin with your wire cutters, then hold the head pin and cut it.

Step 6: Hold the end of your shortened head pin in the pliers. Turn it back towards your left hand.

Step 7: Continue to roll it until it forms a loop. Use the pliers to adjust the loop so when you hold it in your fingers, it hangs straight.

Step 8: Open the loop up again by twisting the loop away from the beads. Never pull apart your loop. (Click the picture if you need to see it larger.)

Step 9: Insert your earring hook and twist the loop shut. Repeat for the other one.

Now go enjoy your new earrings. Wear them proudly. Don't worry if your loops aren't very good the first few times, it takes practice to get them right. Mine don't always come out right every time either.

Was there anything I wasn't clear about or you didn't understand? Please comment and ask me. I'm happy to help.


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