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Writing Lessons from Classic Star Trek

A few months ago I finally finished watching through the classic Star Trek series. (I haven't even started on any of the movies with the original cast, but that's not what we're talking about today.) I really enjoyed the show, as over-the-top and cringe-worthy as it could be sometimes. And I think there a lot of good lessons we as writers can learn from it (if not as human beings). So get your tricorders and set your phasers to stun. We're going to deep space.

1. Establish your characters
Even if you don't watch Star Trek, you know how Captain Kirk is a great leader and a slight flirt. Everyone knows that Spock is smart and Bones is an excellent, if sarcastic doctor. Star Trek has so firmly established these characters that everyone knows them and how they will react in any given situation.

You should strive to have characters this fleshed out. It helps readers connect with them better, especially over a series. You can do this by creating a good role for them, then e…

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