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Disney Princess and Their Influence

I have some thoughts on Disney princess and wanted to talk about them, so here we are. It's totally cool if you're not interested in this post and want to wait until I come out with something cooler. It's just nice to get your thoughts out there sometimes. If you do read on, feel free to share your thought in the comments.

Disney princess have been the staple of every little girl's childhood since Snow White in 1937. They are our role models, inspirations, and childhood heroes. They're probably the reason that most of us wanted to be princess in our younger years (and maybe still do. I wouldn't say no to a castle).

And let's not even start on the prince's. They're all so handsome and charming and gentlemanly. Flynn, of course, is my favorite. How can you resist his quick talking charisma? But I'm getting off topic.

Not only have these princess shaped our lives, they've also changed with the times as the years progressed. Take a look at Snow Whi…

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