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Tell Your Story

So many people have a story inside them, waiting to be let out. So many people have a desire to write a book, and yet never do. Even more write those books, but never take the steps, or aren't given the opportunity, to publish it.

If you're one of those people, I want to tell you that this is the year to do it. Tell your story. Write your novel. Publish that book (or at least work on it). To quote Dr. Seuss-

I know that it can be hard and scary. Writing a story is letting a piece of you go out into the world where everyone can stare at it and judge it. But you can't focus on that. You have to think about all the people who are going to love it, and don't know it yet.

Not that you have to share your story with the world. You could just want to write it for you, to help you or to simply get it out of your head. That's fine too. Not everything we do is made for sharing on social media. It's good to have something that you keep for yourself, and possibly those closest…

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