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Writing Villains Like Disney

Disney villains are fabulous. I can bet if you named your top ten Disney characters, there would be a villain in there somewhere. They have awesome outfits, catchy songs, and enough charisma that you almost want to root for them. Sure, some of them might be a bit cliche, but what isn't these days?

How are they such good villains? Why do we love them so much? And how can we accomplish the same thing in our own writing? In this post we'll dive into Disney villains and find the answers to all these questions.

The first reason Disney villains are so good is because they have panache- which is defined by Google as flamboyant confidence of style or manner. Basically, they have style. Think of the way Maleficent swirls around in her cape, Lady Tremain sits like a queen even in her pajamas, or Scar is melodramatic about everything.

I'm not saying all villains need to be full on drama queens. But consider adding something that makes your villain a little over the top. Maybe the…

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