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Orchestra and Music Stories

I saw Catherine from Rebelling Muse do a post like this a few months ago and thought, hey, I could do something like that. (Thanks for the inspiration, Catherine.) I thought it would be fun to try something new and we'll see how we like it. Are we referring to ourselves in the royal we? Yes, we are.

And sorry if this a bit rambly and weird. I've never tried anything like this before, so it's kind of an experiment.

Music Stories

Humorous Stories

- I distinctly remember my first recital. I was so nervous I played the same line twice in my piece. Thankfully, I wasn't playing with a pianist or that really would have been a disaster.

- At a recent recital, I had an even worse problem. My sister and I were playing a duet that was four pages long and it was all propped up across two music stands. Then the air conditioner in the church started blowing and shut the music several times throughout the piece. Eventually my teacher had to come up and hold the pages down for us.

- Last wi…

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