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Character Breakdown: Han Solo from Star Wars

I will unashamedly say I'm a Han Solo fan. I have been ever since I first watched the trilogy. I thought he'd be a perfect character to breakdown today because of his new movie that came out last month. I haven't seen it yet, but I can't wait to and I hope I'm not disappointed.


• Roguish. Han knows he's a rogue and he plays that card at any opportunity. It's a lot more talk than walk, however.

• Smart. As becomes evident over the course of the trilogy, Han does have a head on his shoulders. His smarts are what keep him alive, a lot. Is he always clever? No. But when he is, it mostly works out.

• Charming. He'd be the first one to admit this. Han loves to charm every woman, but goes especially hard on Leia, just because she won't fall for him. (Or so she says.) He's also got a charisma that makes other people listen to him as well.


• Loyal. Even though Han has several chances to run away, and even though he seems to at one point, he…

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