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How to Write a Trilogy: Book Three

Here we are at the end of my three part series. So far we've looked at how to begin your trilogy and the difficulties of book two. Today we're diving into book three, the ultimate, ultimate climax of your series, the point where everything comes together. (Points if you got the reference there.)

In Book Three. . .

The hero and the villain finally have it out. One reigns victorious, the other most often dies. The conflict comes to a head in a hurricane of a climax. Everything you've been working toward since book one comes down to this. And the fate of every single character is in your hands. *evil laughter*

You Will Need

• Big action. This is it. You've got to bring everything to the table here. Take your ideas and see how much bigger and badder you can make them. Don't settle for mediocre. Look at any third book or movie and you should find the best things saved for last.

• Suffering. What's a good book three without killing off all your favorite characters and tor…

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