Classic of the Month: Dracula

This year I decided to read Dracula and Frankenstein. To be honest, I found Frankenstein disappointing. I thought it would be cooler and more scary than it was. Maybe that's just me. But Dracula delivered, and delivered well. Nothing like a classic that terrifies you.

Dracula by Bram Stoker

The story is told in epistolary form, which means it's not told by a narrator, but through diaries, letters, and other forms of writings. Basically, this is the story of how Count Dracula attempts to move to England to find new blood to drink and people to turn into vampires. It starts when a man named Jonathan comes to Transylvania to help him obtain property in England. He discovers his vampire nature. Dracula comes to England and begins his conquest. He starts by hunting a woman named Lucy. In the end she turns into a vampire and must be killed. Several men, including Jonathan, hunt down Dracula and eventually kill him.

What I Like About It

This book was so creepy. I couldn't read it after dark and I loved it. Bram Stoker is said to have defined the modern vampire, and I agree.

I also enjoyed the epistolary form. It's rare to find books written this way and he did a good job at it. The shifts are fairly easy to navigate. At times, the plot was hard to follow, but I think that comes from being an older book. I may not have paid enough attention either.


There is no way I can list all of the Dracula films here. There have been so many movies and books based on or including Dracula, I could never name them all. They estimate that 217 films feature Dracula in a major role, though not all of them are based off this novel. From Christopher Lee to Adam Sandler, many actors have lent their face or voice to this iconic character.

However, if you want a film kids can watch that's full of classic monsters, I'd suggest Hotel Transylvania. It's about Dracula, but in this film he has a daughter and started a hotel for monsters. It's great fun.

Have you read Dracula? What's your thoughts on it? Let me know in the comments.


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