My Writing: A Quick Look at My Novels So Far

Being the introvert that I am, I've never shared my novels with anyone other than my sister. Most people don't even know I'm a writer. It's not that I hide it, I just don't mention it a lot. But now that I have this blog, I'm going to be a big brave girl and share a little bit about my novels. Here I go.

Jeremiah Was A Bullfrog

I don't have official covers or blurbs for any of these, so I'm just going to share a bit about them. This one is my first full length novel. I wrote it with only a single page outline to help me on my way. It turned into a 50,000 some word novel that worked surprisingly well. Here's a sort of blurb (which I really need to work on).

Kay never asked to be sent to another world with a quest thrust upon him. But when his best friend Jeremiah accidentally gets turned into a bullfrog, that's what happens. Kay ends up in a country called Zilmannio where there are elves, trolls, and talking animals.

As he journeys across the land in search for a way to restore his friend to normal, he's joined by a human, an elf, a troll, a dragon, and a mouse. He discovers the only way to change Jeremiah back is to be kissed by a princess, who is missing. While trying to rescue the princess, Kay must prove that he is a leader in spite of his fears.

This book is the first in either a duology or a trilogy, I'm not sure yet. It's in the editing stage right now.

Return to Wonderland

I have two books written in this trilogy so far. The first is called Return to Wonderland and the second is called Back Down the Rabbit Hole, though both of these might be changed. They're both a bit short, a common problem with my novels, so they need plenty of work.

This series is about Celia, a distant relation of the original Alice. She gets called back to Wonderland to help defeat a group called the Destroyers, who want to make Wonderland like our world. Loads of lovely plot twists in this series.

Pirate Attack

This is a stand-alone historical fiction novel set in France. As with most of my earlier books, it needs plenty of work. Like a better title. Way more accurate facts. A better name for one of the main characters. That sort of thing.

Arlene lives a normal life as the daughter of a lord. At least until a pirate fleet is spotted off the shore of their coastal stronghold. The pirates attack the city and trap the people. Arlene and Luke, her friend, must help defend the city and defeat the pirates before they can take over the city and kill everyone.

The Magic Tree

This is a more recent novel. It's kind of a modern fantasy with all sorts of fantasy creatures. It's the first book in a duology. Originally it was one book but it came out too long for one book, so yeah, now it's two.

When Amy went to the capital of Demera for summer vacation, she didn't expect to get accused of stealing the magical tree that keeps all the magic balanced. Now she and her friends must track it down before her country falls to pieces. She learns that a dark elf named Renee has stolen the tree. Amy has to journey outside of her country and make great sacrifices to save everyone.

The Girl With the Sword

This is last years NaNoWriMo novel. It's a stand-alone, though I may place more novels in the same universe. It's a superhero novel, a highly under-written genre. It's also being editing and I'm working on finding a better title.

Hana used to be a a shy girl. On a family trip to Japan, she discovers a a sword that grants her magical powers. The sword's guardian takes her away for training. When Hana returns, she decided to turn into a superhero. A super villain shows up and threatens all of LA, she has to decide whether to pursue justice or friendship.

* * *

That's at least a taste of my writing. I've got a few other novels and novellas but these are some of my best ones. I know that's quiet a few but what can I say? I can't stop writing. Soon I plan on adding a page to my blog for my novels.

What are you writing? Do you have too many novels going at once? Let me know in the comments.


  1. I always have far too many novels on the go! I swear it's practically impossible for my brain not to be constantly planning some sort of story or another. :D
    Your stories sound great! I think we have the opposite problem; my stories tend to be too long while yours are short! XD

    1. Thanks. I know what you mean about the ideas. Thanks for commenting.


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