The Importance of Writing

The Importance of Writing

Humans have been writing for a long time. Writing is how we communicate, pass on our knowledge, and share our stories (true or fictional). That's why in this day and age we need to write more than ever. Our words, our novels, our blog posts, are all important to the world. Want to know why?

Why Writing is Important

Writing has power. Why do you think anything important, like the Bible or the Declaration of Independence, has been written down? Words have power, and when you write your words down, they can last forever.

The world today is troubled. There are wars, poverty, homelessness, and more. It can feel like there's nothing you can do to help. But that's where writing's importance truly comes in. Our stories can give hope and truth and shine light into the world.

That's why I think it's important for Christians to be writers. It doesn't matter what your genre is or whether you even mention Christianity in your books. It just matters that the light of God's word shows through your novel. Without hope of something better, there's no point to life. We need to share the hope we have, and that's why we need to write novels that show that.

My dream has always been to write YA books. Not only because I love writing, which I do. But also to give other teens out there healthy books to read. I remember going into the teen section at my library for one of the first times and realizing how much trash was in there. It's no wonder teenagers act like they do with the books they have to read. I decided that I was going to write the books I wanted to read; good books that teenagers would enjoy.

That doesn't mean my books are preachy. In fact, my faith doesn't often come in to my novels. Instead, they embody the Christian message other ways, by following my values and the hope that I have. N. D. Wilson does the same thing with his novels and I'm sure there are others out there.


So, what am I trying to get at? My point is, write. Blog posts, social media posts, and most importantly, novels. Use your words to change the world, one book at a time. It's never been easier to get your work out there. The internet has a wealth of knowledge on writing books, publishing books, and finding readers for your books. You don't have any excuses not to do it.

You don't have to publish, either. You can just write for you if you want. Express your feelings and never let the world know. But if you have something to say, let it out. Write it down. If writing's not your passion, find other ways to express your feelings. Movies, art, photography. The important thing is that you use your talents to share the truth to the world.

Let's talk! What are your feelings on the importance of writing? What's your favorite way to express yourself? Tell me in the comments.


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