The Lego Batman Movie Review

The Lego Batman Movie Review

On Tuesday my family got to go see The Lego Batman Movie. I love going to the theater, since it's a rare occurrence. The next morning I wrote up a review and decided to share it with it you, in case you're interested.

The Review

“Black. Every great movie begins with a black screen,” Batman says, opening The Lego Batman Movie. And this movie certainly is great.

Batman is a lonely vigilante with attitude problems. As he tells Joker in the movie's opening scene, no one means anything to him. He doesn't even hate Joker. That sets the whole plot spiraling into action, as Joker strives to get Batman to admit he is his greatest enemy, and Batman has to learn teamwork and facing his fear of being part of a family again. With a stellar cast including Will Arnett, Michael Cera, Rosario Dawson, and Ralph Fiennes, this movie is one the whole family can enjoy.

An interesting thing about this movie is it isn't all about Batman. It looks at all of the characters, from Alfred to Barbara Gordon (my personal favorite). Dick Greyson, or Robin, is especially sweet. We get to see how they see, find out how the world has hurt them, and how they overcome it to become better people.

Like The Lego Movie before it, The Lego Batman Movie takes place in a world made of bricks. In many ways, it is similar to it's predecessor, but it's also an original film. The humor is always spot on, sure to make you laugh from beginning to end. A great soundtrack including a new Batman theme (promising tricked-out rides, sick back flips, and buns of steel), a few oldies, and some original songs.

Even better, this movie is full of references to other Batman movies. Only the best uber nerds will catch them all. From the 1960s version with words like “Pow” and “Bam” appearing onscreen, to last year's Batman V. Superman, the movie is sure to delight all Dark Knight fans. The villains from the Phantom Zone at the end are also fun for fans as they range from classic monsters like Dracula and King Kong, to geekier ones such as Voldemort, Sauron, and Daleks.

This movie is the perfect addition to the Batman roster. It covers something not a lot of the other films do- Batman's personal life. He was orphaned at a young age and raised by his butler. This movie explores that relationship and the effect of losing his parents on his life. Batman resists families, but can't stand to see Robin turn out like him, so he learns to change. In a way, The Lego Batman Movie is the perfect follow-up to Batman V. Superman, talking about the problems of being a vigilante and obeying the law. Kids, and adults, can learn a lot from this film about teamwork and family and how important they are.

Let's talk! Have you seen The Lego Batman Movie? Are you a Batman fan? Tell me in the comments.


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