3 Last Minute Easter Outfits

3 Last Minute Easter Outfits

You're going through life like normal. Then you look at the calendar, realize Easter is three days away, and panic because you didn't have time to get a new outfit. Never fear, Rachel is here.

This post is for all of you who don't have time or money to get an Easter outfit. Or maybe you just want to use what you already have instead of getting something new. Even if Easter is the perfect excuse to get a new outfit. I'll be showing you three quick and easy outfits you can slap together using what's in your closet that will still leave you looking great.

Peasant and Denim

I believe denim can be worn for almost any occasion, and Easter is no exception. For this look, you'll want a denim skirt of any style and a peasant blouse. If you don't have one of those, any loose shirt will do. Put the two together and add accessories, shoes, hair, and makeup to match. This outfit can really be tweaked to match your personal style.

Simple Dress

Look through your closet and find a dress you like. It doesn't matter that you've worn it before. If you want to make it look different, wear it differently. Add a sweater, belt, or other accessories to change up the look. If you have a hat to match, even better. Simple dress, new look.

Feminine Floral

Of course, there's always the old Easter stand-by. Floral. For my outfit, I chose a pink, sort of flowery skirt, a tank top, and a short sleeved sweater. You can put together something similar using your clothes. Add a scarf or do something fancy with your hair for the occasion. Sandals would work perfectly with this look.

Hopefully you'll get some ideas  for your Easter outfit from this post. Happy Easter!

Let's talk! Which outfit do you like best? Are you getting a new outfit for Easter or are you putting together something with what you have? Tell me in the comments.


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