20 Random Facts About Me: A Birthday Post

20 Random Facts About Me: A Birthday Post

In exactly six days, I will be turning twenty. Yay! Because of that, I won't be doing any blogging next week. I want to just enjoy myself and celebrate with my family. The week of September 4 I'll be back with an August summery/book review post.

But for today, I decided to do a post about me, something I don't do a lot. I'm going to tell you twenty random things about me, so maybe you can get to know me better. If this doesn't interest you, check back September 4. Here we go!

1) I play violin and piano. I've been playing violin for about fourteen years and piano for probably around eight.

2) I've been in an orchestra. I was both a first and second violin in a private Christian school orchestra. They let homeschoolers play with them, even though they don't go there. I loved playing with them so much.

3) I have never gone to regular school in my life. I'm proud homeschooler from kindergarten through my senior year.

4) I want to learn to play the bagpipes. It's a weird instrument to want to learn, but I love the way they sound. It's very different from a violin, however.

5) I've moved seven times. And lived a variety of places. From a trailer park to housekeeping a 100 acre farm.

6) I've only ever lived in Maryland. I have some military friends and they're always astonished that I've only lived in one state. I've also never lived anywhere but Anne Arundel County.

7) My favorite Broadway musicals are Wicked, Hamilton, Les Miserables, and Phantom of the Opera. Although, I will admit I like the movie versions of the latter two better than the Broadway ones. I've only listened to the soundtrack though, so they're probably better in person.

8) I want to travel the world. Not all at once, but someday I'd love to do more traveling. My sister and I say we'd love to go together and explore.

Our cat, Cheshire. She's a rescue.

9) I'm a cat person. I got my first cat when I was ten, but she had to be put down two years ago because she got a brain tumor. (One of the worst days of my life.) Now my family has a cat named Cheshire. She's black and adorable.

10) My favorite book genre is probably fantasy. I think it's because there aren't any rules. Anything can happen and the possibilities are endless.

11) I love comic books and graphic novels. I don't claim to be an expert on either one, but I do love to read them. The only thing I don't like is graphic novel adaptations of my favorite books. The characters never look like I think they should.

12) My favorite musicians include Lindsey Stirling, Meghan Trainor, Sabrina Carpenter, Taylor Swift, and Josh Groban. I also love a lot of YouTube artists like the PianoGuys, Peter Hollens, and Jonathan Young. I tend to like upbeat music, but there are times I like soft music too.

13) I'm a uber nerd fan of Disney. I know so much trivia, random useless facts, and have all the movies memorized. It's ridiculous. But I wouldn't have it any other way.

14) My other fandoms include Doctor Who, Star Trek, Marvel, DC, and Star Wars. You can call me an all around geek, and I'll be fine with that.

15) I was Jack Skellington for Halloween last year. I love how my costume came out. I'd like a better skirt to go with it, but other than that, it was perfect.

16) A hidden talent of mine is that I write poetry. I've been writing poems from a young age and have taken several poetry courses over the years. My poems either tend to be heartfelt or silly.

17) I love baking. My best recipe is a chocolate chip cookie one that my siblings say is the best. I can't wait until I have more opportunities to try new recipes.

18) I'd love to design clothes some day. I already sketch lots of designs, but I'd love to make them into real clothes in the future.

19) I love 18" dolls and Lego. And I have a large collection of each. They were some of my favorite toys when I was younger, and I haven't outgrown them yet. (I don't think that will ever happen.) There are some stories I could tell of what my siblings and I played with them.

20) So far, I've drafted 7 novels. They're all at various stages, but I think that's not bad. And that's not mentioning the other sequels and novel ideas I'm working on. One of my favorites so far? The Geek, the Jock, and the Rebel and How They Saved the World. It's a humorous sci-fi book about three teenagers and an evil pop-star.

There you go, twenty random things you probably didn't need to know about me! But now you do. Anyway, as I said, no posts next week. I'll be back September 4 with a August summery and book review post.

Let's talk! Do you have any questions about my random facts? (I'd be happy to answer if you do.) Do you want to give me a few random facts about yourself? Tell me in the comments.


  1. Happy Birthday! 20 is a big number!!! :D

  2. Happy Birthday!!! That's so neat. :-D I hope you had a great b-day. :-)
    Wow! *fistbumps* I play violin and piano too!!! XD It's so cool that you played in an orchestra. :-)
    Yes! Finally someone else who likes both Star Trek and Star Wars. I knew I wasn't the only one! :-D Also, I'm a cat person too. ;-) Love Lindsey Stirling!

    1. I did have a great day, thanks. And it's awesome we have some much in common. *Fistbump back*


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