The Messy Desk Tag

The Messy Desk Tag

I was tagged in this by my sister (blogger at Scribbled Fiction), who also created this tag. Being a writer, I thought it would be fun, even if I may be mildly embarrassed by the results. The point of the tag is to talk candid pictures of your desk (or writing place) and share them just to give people a real look at your mess! I mean, I hope it's neat, but who am I kidding. That stuff just piles up. But enough introducing, let's go to the tag.

Here is my desk. It was given to me by a family from our church. My mom has a matching one because they used to be owned by twins. The chair was given to me by my aunt and it's much better than the folding chair I used to use.

On top of my desk is where I keep my odd and end junk, my two biggest Lego sets (oh yes, there are more elsewhere), and my most important papers.

BB-8 and my porg!

This stack is where I keep the things I'm actively working on or that I want to keep at my fingertips.

I've got one manuscript, two books, two notebooks, four folders, and my blog planner. All four of my NaNoWriMo winner's certificates are also in here.

This is my jewelry design notebook. Not a writing thing, just wanted to point it out.

All my NaNoWriMo certificates

The story I wrote with my sister like three years ago that we plan on finally editing this summer.
My art folder full of paintings

Inside my desk we have my laptop, writing resource books, and a few more odds and ends.

My graduation duck.

Why, yes, that is a viking longboat. Thank you for noticing.

My collection of writing books.

Below that is my first shelf. On the left we have some boring paperwork stuff, then a few more odds and ends, my coloring books (I have a small collection, wouldn't you say?), my sketchbooks, my writing notebooks, and then my crafting books, mostly for jewelry.

Most of these notebooks are filled with old stories and other things that have either been completely re-written or will never see the light of day.

On the bottom shelf we have all my bookstagram props, my laptop bag, and some more jewelry and craft stuff.

Lots of goodies in here.

So that's my desk. If you think I have a lot of paperwork for writing, you'd be right. I've written obsessively throughout my life. And if you think I have a lot of craft supplies, you haven't even seen the organizer next to my desk with all my other jewelry making supplies in it.

As for the tagging portion, I chose-

And anyone else who wants to join! Have fun!

What does your desk look like? Messy or neat? Do you have a hobby you enjoy?

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