Let's Talk About: Casey Neistat

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Welcome to Let's Talk About, an once in a while discussion of people who inspire me. Today I chose Casey Neistat. So. . .

Who Is Casey Neistat?

Casey is a vlogger or video blogger. Instead of writing about his life and interests, like I do, he makes a video about it and puts it on YouTube. He's from New York City, has a wife and two children, Francine and Owen. Later this month is his birthday and the one year anniversary of his vlog. His YouTube channel has over 2 million subscribers. His vlogs are know for there quick cuts, time lapses, and of course, Casey.

What Makes Him Inspiring?

First, his personality. He is himself and he doesn't care what you think of that. He'll be the first to admit he's made mistakes. Like anyone, he has his quirks and they make him interesting.

Second, his dedication. Almost a year ago, he decided to become a vlogger. Casey didn't just decide to do a weekly vlog, he chose to upload daily. He hasn't missed a day yet even if it means staying up to insane hours. On the side he produces other videos like tutorials or his popular snowboarding video. Doing that takes immense dedication. And he's like that in most things. He throws himself wholeheartedly into everything he does.

Third, he made himself. Casey was a teenage father (to Owen, who he is still close with), dropped out of high school, and didn't exactly have the best teenagehood. But he decided to take a risk and move to New York City. When he started vlogging, barely anyone knew his name. Now he owns Beme, a social media, has a huge YouTube following, and people recognize him on the street. He's a celebrity despite his start.

I don't completely want to be like Casey. I don't want a kid at seventeen and I don't want to live like he does. But I do want to be as fearless as he is. I want to be as committed as he is. I want to make something of myself.

Casey is a cool guy. Be sure to check out his YouTube channel. What do you think of him?


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