Where Can I Buy Jewelry?

You can get jewelry almost anywhere. But it may not be the best idea to get it from just any store. At least not if you want it to last a while. Allow me to talk about my favorite places to buy jewelry. (All opinions are my own.)

This is one of my favorite places to get jewelry. It has pretty pieces and good prices. Not only does it sell jewelry, it also sells make-up, accessories, and little girl jewelry. There's something there for everyone, from sophisticated pieces to funkier stuff. Claire's is great place to check for trendy and more classic pieces.

Charming Charlie's
Charming Charlie's is a store organized by color, which makes it super easy to find what you need. Their prices are also good. I love so much of the jewelry here. They also have some accessories- shoes, scarves, purses, and a few clothing items. The pieces look good and are actually quite durable. Charming Charlie's is great for when you want a piece of jewelry to go with a certain outfit.

Etsy, of course, is all homemade or vintage items. That means that the items are more expensive than things you might find in the store. As a person aspiring to open an Etsy shop, I know you have to price your items a little higher to get a profit. You can get almost anything on Etsy. The jewelry you can find there is diverse, basically anything you want. I suggest Etsy for specialty pieces that might not be able to find other places. Or if you want quality or handmade jewelry.

Other Places
Here's are a few other places you can get jewelry.
Target- They tend to have trendy and modern things. Best for people who like a modern look. Great statement pieces here.
Walmart- Be careful when shopping here. Many of the pieces are nice and you can find some great stuff. But there are some cheap quality things. So just watch out.
Gift Shops- These can have cool pieces, often centered around the places they come from. If you want a little something different, try them. Sometimes they're even handmade.

Do you have a place you like to shop for jewelry? What do you think of these ones?


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