5 Ways to Wear a Bandanna

I love bandannas. The ways to wear them are numerous, and depending on what you do, can range from looking sweet to tough. They are also cheap and easy to find. In this post I'm going to show you five ways to wear one.

But first, here are the two ways to fold them.

The triangle. Take the bandanna and hold it by opposite points. Fold it so if forms a triangle.

Second, the strip. Start with a triangle. Then fold the tip up as far as you want the strip to be wide. Continue folding until it's a complete strip.

This way is the simplest way to wear one and has been popular for a long time. Fold your bandanna in half so it forms a triangle and tie it underneath your hair. Done. It would go great with a peasant shirt.

When I wear a bandanna this way, it reminds me of a biker (as in motorcycle). Fold the bandanna into a triangle. Tie it around your head, but on top of your hair. Tuck the point under the knot and make the whole thing as smooth as you can. Looks excellent with a leather jacket.

You can also make a bandanna into a headband easily. Start this one with a strip. Tie it around your head like a normal headband or around your forehead, if you want a more hip-hop look.

I love that word. Neckerchief. Has a fun sound to it. Anyway, begin once more with a triangle. For a cowboy type look, go ahead and tie it around your neck with the point in the back.

Our final way to wear it always makes me think artist and Paris. I don't know why. Fold the bandanna into a strip. Tie it around your neck. If you want to look more chic, turn the knot so it faces slightly to the left or right.

Do you like bandannas? What's your favorite way to wear them?


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