Best Websites for Writers

There are hundreds of websites and blogs out there with writing advice. Some cover the whole craft, others focus on a tighter topic like writing or publishing. The list I provide here are the ones I personally like and find helpful. You may not like them or have your own favorite sites. I don't claim to know all of the best ones either. With all that out of the way, here we go.

She's Novel- This site is run by a lovely girl name Kristen Kieffer, and covers a variety of topics. From pre-writing to publishing, She's Novel has something for everyone. Kristen also offers courses and e-books. I suggest getting on her mailing list and joining her Facebook group, Your Write Dream. It's a great community full of helpful writers.

Helping Writers Become Authors- I find this site by K. M. Weiland helpful because not only does it include great content, she often uses books and movies as examples. She covers structure, characters, common mistakes, and more. If you're looking for a great book on story structure, I suggest her book Structuring Your Novel. It covers structure in an easy way to understand.

Ink and Quills- So far, I've loved every post that Kaitlin writes. She makes great points and writes excellent posts. Plus, if you join her mailing list, you get access to many great resources. She also has a workshop on YouTube that I want to watch soon.

The Write Practice- This is a site that posts daily, due the large amount of people that write for them. You can write guest post for them, so long as you follow their guidelines. They cover a variety of topics. It also has contests, books, and even a section on teaching writing.

Blots and Plots- Jenny Bravo is a published author, and writes excellent articles on her blog. She covers things from reading lists, to outlining, to storyboarding. She also has a YouTube channel.

Tomi Adeyemi- This is certainly a place to go if you want lots of writing prompts. She loves to post them and they are inspirational. The articles are well done and many come with worksheets you can get for free if you join her mailing list. She also offers a couple of courses for reasonable prices.

Hint of Jam- This site is for both writers and readers. Jamae (see what she did with the name?), despite being rather new, writes interesting articles. I can't tell you much more, since I'm new to her blog, but I do like it.

Writerology- This is a great website for people who like science. The writer, Faye, has a degree in psychology, which she figured out how to blend with writing. No more excuses that sciences and arts can't be combined. If you want to write accurately about problems like obsessive-compulsive disorder or PTSD, this is the place to go. She's also know for her Write Chain Challenge, which encourages writers to write daily.

So, that's my list- for now. I suggest, when you find a site you like, sign up for their email list. Not only will you be able to keep up with their posts better, you also get cool freebies. If you want to look for other great writing sites, this list from the Write Life comes out yearly and has many awesome sites on it.

What is your favorite writing site? Is there one I didn't include? Comment and let me know.


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