A Guide to Necklaces

This is the second part in the Guide to Jewelry series. Today we're all about necklaces. Necklaces come in many different styles and lengths. I'm going to cover the basics in this post.


Collar length necklaces sit high on the throat, like Cinderella's necklace. They are often made of a ring of metal or ribbon. Collars are the tightest necklace.

Choker length necklaces are slightly looser than the collar. They normally sit around the base of the neck. If you don't like things close around your neck, neither collars nor chokers are for you.

Princess is the next length. It can be anywhere from slightly looser than a choker to right around the breastbone area. These are very popular for pearls or pendants.

Matinee length necklaces go around mid-breast. They are considered a formal necklace and sometimes include more than one strand.

Opera length is even longer than the matinee, though it isn't the longest. It normally falls all the way past the breast. They often are made of a single strand of the same beads.

The rope or lariat length necklace is the longest of them all. This, however, is because it does not have a clasp. Instead, you either knot the necklace or thread it though a provided circle. The ends are often made fancy with beads or pendants.


Pendant necklaces are made of chain with single or multiple pendants on it. Pendants can be a gemstone, a tooth, a metal charm, anything that you can put a hole in.

Multi-strand necklaces have, you guessed it, two or more strands. Some can have as few as two or as many as ten. Often the strands are same, but if done right, each strand can have a different pattern.

A braided necklace is made of multiple strands braided together. The strands can be made of many different materials. The braids can range from a simple three strand one to ones I have no idea how to make.

Illusion necklaces are made by crimping beads in different positions on a clear cord. It gives the illusion that the beads are floating with no support. These are beautiful pieces.

Chain necklaces are made simply of chain. The chain can be anywhere from thin to big, chunky links.

And finally, statement necklaces. These are all the rage right now. Basically, it's any necklace that is fancy and makes a statement. Most have dangles and multiple parts. Some are garish but most are pretty. You just have to know what fits your style.

I hope this post and my previous one on earrings, are a help to you. You can use them to learn more about the decorations you wear or to help you in your own path to jewelry making.

Which is your favorite type of necklace? Is there one you'd like to try? Comment and let me know.


  1. Cool to know the different names. I thought a necklace was a necklace. Thanks!

    1. You're welcome. Glad to know this helped.


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