Classic of the Month: Anne of Green Gables

Anne is one of my favorite book characters. She's always inspired me. I've read the whole of her series, some of the books multiple times. That's why I had to choose this book as one of my classics. Shall we begin?

Anne of Green Gables

An elderly couple sends off for a boy to help on their farm. Due to a mix-up, they get Anne Shirley, a spunky, red-headed girl instead. She wins them over and convinces them to let her stay. She makes friends, and enemies, gets in trouble, and learns to grow up. At the same time, the people around her benefit from her presence as well.

Why I Like It

Anne Shirley has always been one of my favorite female characters ever. She has the best imagination, is always willing to take a stand, and doesn't take no for an answer. Anne may be positive, but unlike characters like Pollyanna, she isn't always cheerful. She, along with all the characters in this book, are iconic and memorable. You never forget them, one of the signs of a truly great story.

Two, the setting. Everyone knows Green Gables and Prince Edward Island. The author turned the setting into a major part of the story and allowed it to shine through.

And, of course, the story. It's a story about family, about growing up, about friendship. It covers many bases, but manages to hit them all. That's why this book is a classic.


I have to talk about the only version I've ever watched, the TV movies that came out starting in 1985. The first two were superb. The actors are great, the story lines are great. It was perfect. Plus, Gilbert Blythe. Here's a picture for those of you who haven't seen it, or if you have.

What do you like about Anne of Green Gables? Have you seen the TV movies, and what's your opinion about them? Let me know in the comments.


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