3 Holiday Outfits for the Christmas Season

It's Christmas time, and that means lots of parties and gatherings with family and friends. And you need to wear something pretty and festive to each of those events. In this post I'll give you three ideas for outfits that would be easy to put together and look great.

Silent Night Outfit

Black works for every season. It can be great for a holiday party if you use the right accessories. Start by putting together a black base outfit. This can be a dress, pants and shirt, or skirt and shirt. Wear whatever you like best for your base.

And no, you're never too old for a bow

Now comes the fun part. Accessorize! Choose an accent color first. Gold, silver, and red are excellent choices. Since you're only wearing black, go big with accessories. Have a festive statement necklace or some jingle bell jewelry? Wear it. Wear a bold scarf or a belt if you want. Lastly, put your hair up and add your holiday makeup.

Winter Wonderland Outfit

For the complete opposite of the first outfit, this one is white and wintry. Pick a denim bottom and a white top. Or, if you have them, you could go with a white or light blue dress as well. Add a pair sparkly earrings and a necklace. White shoes are a must. Put your hair in a braid to channel your inner Elsa, and you're done.

Merry and Bright Outfit

This is an especially festive outfit, perfect for a family holiday party. Pick a sweater dress or tunic, and pair it with a long skirt or pants that are a complimentary color. Leave your hair down and add some boots or flats. Big earrings and a dash of lipstick will make a beautiful star at your party.

I hope this gives you some ideas on what to wear this holiday season. (Also, wasn't it clever of me to name each outfit after a phrase from a Christmas song?)

*   *   *

As an aside, I'll be taking a blogging break from now through the 28th. It's a Christmas and planning for the New Year break. On the 29th I'll return with a post about what I'm thinking of doing next year. Until then, merry Christmas!

Which is your favorite outfit? Do you have any holiday parties coming up? Let me know in the comments.


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