Book of the Month: The Legend of Holly Claus

The Legend of Holly Claus
by Brittany Ryan

Cover Review: Simply gorgeous. The ornate letters and beautiful artwork imply all the magic held in this book. It's nicely balanced, and if you look at the cover again after you read the book, you'll realize there are a lot of hints about the story on the cover.

The Blurb: Santa Claus is the King of Forever, Land of the Immortals. When one special boy writes to Santa asking what no other child has ever asked- what he wants for Christmas- a miracle occurs: Santa and his wife are blessed with a daughter. But the birth of Holly Claus also brings about a terrible curse- from an evil soul named Herrikhan. Holly's heart is frozen, and the gates to Forever are locked, barring exit or entry.

Now grown into a beautiful and selfless young woman, Holly becomes consumed with the desire to break the spell that holds her people hostage. Accompanied by four faithful and magical animal friends, she escapes to the wondrous world of Victorian New York and embarks on a series of dangerous and life-changing adventures.

With fanciful characters, rich language, and evocative imagery, The Legend of Holly Claus pays tribute to the great fairy-tales and myths of our time This epic novel filled with mystery, magic, and wonder is destined to take its place as a Christmas classic.

My Thoughts

I don't remember when I first found this book, but I haven't forgotten it since. It's the type of story that sticks in your mind. It's definitely a character driven novel, and the villain is creepy.  It contains many elements that work well together. One of the best parts are the wonderful illustrations in it. They're magical.

First off, I love the world this is set in. A land where people who do good deeds can live as immortals. It's full of magic and wonder. The author even manages to make New York, while realistic, wonderful.

Then there's Holly. A Disney princess type of girl if ever there was one. When she realizes that her presence is endangering the other citizens, she takes it upon herself to go out in the world and find a way to earn her place in the Land of Immortals, as well as break the curse upon it. She's brave, selfless, and beautiful, inside and out. That's one of the reasons I keep being drawn back to this book.

This is the perfect book for girls who love princess, fairy tales, and stories about magic and true love.

Have you ever read The Legend of Holly Claus? Do you like stories with many fairytales mixed together? Let me know in the comments.


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