5 Shoes Every Girl Should Own

5 Shoes Every Girl Should Own

Shoes are a huge part of our wardrobe. The styles are endless, as are the names. Some are actual names, others are brand names. But like jewelry, there are several types of shoes everyone should have. They are versatile and essential to a well-rounded wardrobe. Want to know what they are? Read on.

Ballet flats

If you don't have ballet flats in your wardrobe, you should get some immediately. These easy to put on shoes can look both casual and fancy. If you get them in a neutral color like black or white, then they can match many outfits. I suggest having several pairs in different colors so you can wear them with many things.


Boots are a must for cold weather. Pick a pair that are comfortable and that match your style. Or if you want, you can get several pairs of different types. Just be sure you like what you get, since they'll probably last for several years.

Tennis shoes

Tennis shoes are all purpose and are needed if you ever plan on walking a lot. There are many types of tennis shoes, from Converse to running shoes. Find a pair that looks and works well for what you need. They should also be comfortable to move in.


If boots are a must for winter, sandals are a must for summer. They keep your feet looking stylish and feeling cool at the same time. There are so many out there, everyone can find something for them.


Similar to a sandal, but even easier to put on and off, this is a classic summer shoe. Whether you get rubber ones from Old Navy or fancier leather ones, all depends on what you want. They can match many outfits and are great to take to the pool.

As a bonus, here's some photos of my cat "helping me" while I was taking the pictures for today's post.

Let's talk! What shoes do you think are must haves? Do you have a favorite type of shoe? Tell me in the comments.


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