8 Places to Read Books

8 Places to Read Books

With our ever-growing TBRs threatening to crush us at any second, everyone needs ways to read faster and more frequently. I understand not everyone has time to read a lot, but I believe that people could get more books done if they took the everyday opportunities that come up to read.

In this post I will show you eight places that you might not think of to read books. Warning: Humorous suggestions ahead. Some of these ideas may cause harm to books. Or yourself.

1. In the bath

When you're taking that relaxing hot bath you reward yourself, why not bring a book along for company? There's nothing better than some hot water, lavender bath salts, and a good book. Caution here, though. Water and books don't mix well. Try to avoid getting it wet. Or dropping it in the tub.

2. Waiting for the movie to start

The fifteen minutes before a movie starts playing is golden for reading time. All they're playing right now is sponsored ads anyway. Make the most of those few minutes and get a chapter or two done.

3. Metro/bus/car

If you're not driving the vehicle you're in, it's the perfect time to read. (As long as you don't get motion sick.) I've gotten through lots of books by reading in the car. Just remember to keep half an ear out if you're riding the bus or metro. You wouldn't want to miss your stop.

4. While walking

Reading while walking is an advanced skill and should only be attempted with a spotter. And don't bet on your sibling doing that. They'll let you walk into a wall or a light pole just so they can laugh. (I hope they wouldn't but we all know the likelihood of that.) But if you can learn to do this, just think how much reading you can accomplish.

5. In bed

Were you one of those kids who read under the covers with a flashlight? Now that you're older, you can stay up as long as you want reading in bed. So you won't get any actual sleeping done, but sacrifices must be made if you want to ever get your TBR down to a manageable height.

6. Before events

People always get to events early so they can get good seats. But what do you do when you have twenty minutes until what you're waiting for starts? You could scroll Instagram aimlessly. . . or you could read a few more chapters of your current read. I would hope you would choose the more intellectually stimulating. (Hint: not Instagram.)

7. When you need a break

This is one that needs to be used carefully and with tact. If you're an introvert like me, you'll be at a party or having family over, and eventually you'll just need to take a break. This is a good time to find a quiet corner and take a few minutes to read. After about fifteen minutes, you should be ready to rejoin society again.

8. Waiting for food

Once you've ordered your food at a restaurant, there isn't a lot to do until it comes. Which means it's the perfect opportunity to pull out the book you have in your purse. Because I know it's in there. Of course, if you're with someone else, don't you dare touch it unless you know it would be okay. Make some polite conversation, even if it's just talking about the book you're reading.

Let's talk! Do you read in any of these places? What other places can you add? Tell me in the comments.


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