8 Jewelry Essentials

Today I'm writing about one of my great loves- jewelry. We're going to talk about the pieces of jewelry you totally should have in your collection. A good piece of jewelry can really pull together an outfit. Before I start, here are a few things to consider.
If it's a piece of jewelry you know you're going to wear a lot, it would probably be good to spend a little more money on it. This will save money in the long run, since you won't have to buy the piece again when you wear it out. Look for a good quality piece that will last. Etsy would be a good place to look, as they are made by hand and are normally high quality. There are probably other places to find good jewelry but I don't know them, because I don't shop at a lot of fancy stores.
Make sure it's something that looks good on you. I'll be writing a post on this later this month, so if you don't know what this means, read that article when I post it. Not every trend that you like will work for you. Also, not all trends will last, so keep that in mind.
Note to people without earrings- try clip on's. You can get them at Claire's, I know, and probably other places. Clip on earrings look pretty and mean you don't have to actually pierce your ears.
All right, with that out of the way, let's get down to it.

1. Diamond or (if you're like me) Imitation Diamond Studs
These work with any outfit and are definitely a must have. They can dress up a plain outfit or look awesome with a fancy one. Whether at home or out and about, these are perfect for any occasion.

2. Pearl Studs
Like the diamond studs, these work with many outfits. For people who like a classic look in jewelry, like my mom, these are perfect. You can even get them in different colors.

3. Pearl Necklace
Whether you get one with a single pearl pendant or a complete loop of pearls, you should have one of these to match your earrings, or just to wear on their own. You can even match them with diamond-looking jewelry. Pearl and sparkles look great together. Careful when buying pearl items. Some of them are bad quality and will chip and look terrible quickly.

4. Diamond or Imitation Diamond Pendant Necklace
A single sparkly pendant on a chain looks pretty and adds a nice touch to a normally plain top or dress. If it's short enough, it can rest above the neckline of your shirt and bring attention to your beautiful neck.

5. Hoops
A pair of hoops in your preferred color- silver or gold- can look good on anyone. And there's nothing like the feel of something brushing your cheeks when you shake your head.

6. Bangle(s)
Either one wide one, which often come with a hinge, or several thin ones, these look excellent with a three quarter sleeve, short sleeve, or sleeveless top. If you love your wrists, like I do, this is a great way to accent them. Beware of multiple bangles if you want to be quiet. After you put on two or more, they start clanking against each other.

7. Dangle or Chandelier Earrings
Good dangle or chandelier earrings can really bring out your face. Research and figure out what type looks best with your face shape. Like for my face shape, a teardrop shape can help soften my jaw line. They can reach anywhere from an inch or two to brushing your shoulders. Get a length that you enjoy. Some people may love earrings to their shoulders, while others may want short ones.

8. Statement Jewelry
This is one I would like to work on myself. You can get statement earrings or necklaces. Try to aim for one that will match multiple outfits and you feel comfortable with the style. Not everyone wants something big, heavy or flashy.

I hope you enjoy this list and that it will help you build your jewelry collection. Remember to check back later in the month for my post on choosing the right jewelry.


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