Mod Podge: Why You Should Totally Use It

mod podge

You've probably heard of mod podge before. Seen it in a craft tutorial or saw it on a shelf at a craft store. But what is actually good for? you wonder. That's today's topic. Good old mod podge.

What is Mod Podge?

Mod podge is a decoupage medium. But unlike some types, mod podge can be used to glue, seal, or finish crafts. You don't need a glue and a top coat with mod podge. It does all that.

Not only is it multipurpose, you can use it on many different things. Cloth, metal, wood, paper, cardboard- basically everything. There are special formulas for certain surfaces. You can even get outdoor, waterproof, and dishwasher safe. Mod podge works for most projects.

What Can You Make with Mod Podge?

Almost anything. I've made notebooks, jewelry, doll house flooring, and custom pencils. Just search mod podge projects and you'll come up with thousands of ideas. It works to make custom shoes. You can make art with it. It works awesomely for almost any project you can think of.

The Formulas

Mod podge comes in multiple formulas, which are what they call the different types. Here's a quick guide to the ones I know. For a more in depth look at them, read this article by Mod Podge Rocks-

Classic- This is the mod podge you will use for most projects. It comes in gloss and matte. The first gives a shiny finish and the second a dull one. I like to use the matte for gluing and the gloss for finishing.

Dimensional Magic- I use this one for jewelry. It has dimension like epoxy but much safer. It makes great pendants, if you do it right.

Fabric- A formula made just for use on fabric. It prevents fraying, so it would work great for a sealer.

Outdoor- The perfect one for all your outdoor needs. It has extra resistance to the elements.

Like I said, this is not a great list, but please check out the one I linked above. Then check out the rest of her site. It is my top spot for mod podge projects of all types. 

I hope this encourages you to try using mod podge in your crafts. Don't be afraid of it, it is super easy to use. I plan on doing some mod podge DIYs in the future.

Keep mod podging!


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