June Monthly Recap

June Monthly Recap

I said a month or two ago that I was switching my Creative Corner to every other month. Well, after I said that, I decided to try a new post in it's place. I've see other bloggers do a recap of their month, and I thought that sounded like a good idea. So, we'll try a few of these and see how it goes.

What's Been Going On

June has been super busy. My family has been trying to get into our summer routine, which includes things like weekly library trips and movies! Both very exciting for me. There are two theaters in our area that play free or one dollar movies during the summer. They're kids movies, but I like kids movies, so that's no problem.

On the good side, I went to a wedding. Actually, I played violin in the wedding while my mom sang. It was a great day and I was honored to be in it. Of course, a wedding really ties up the schedule. I had to practice, then the rehearsal, then the wedding itself. Loads of fun.

On the less good side, a family in our church are moving away today. They're pretty good friends of ours, so we're going to miss them. We had them over on Sunday, as well as a going away party for the girls who are around my sister and mine's ages.

Overall, June was a good month. I felt like I've gotten a lot done, plus had some time to relax. I have mixed feelings about summer. Partially, I love it because there's so many fun things to do and just the whole summer vibe. But I also struggle with it because I like to be busy and I love having schedules, which are harder to do in the summer. I have to find a balance between relaxing and being busy.

What I've Done

Besides running around like crazy? I've completed several drawings, which you can see below. The Frozen Collection is something I was inspired to do because of a Disney Style video series. I have four more pieces in mind, so that will be fun.

The finished Wonder Woman drawing. I love how she came out.

I decided to start learning how to draw mandalas. This is my first attempt.

Just practicing drawing eyes

The first dress in my Frozen collection, inspired by Elsa

And the one inspired by Anna

As well, I'm working on re-drafting my novel Return to Wonderland. My goal is 500 words a day, which I've hit every day. I also worked on editing Goggles, Corsets, and Cyborgs, mostly on major edits.

A more personal thing, I learned how to do a bun! My hair is long and somewhat heavy, so this a big thing for me. I might make a post on this later.

Where I've Gone

Unfortunately, I haven't really gone anywhere this month. Mostly to church, the library, and our family friends, the Fenimore's, house. Their second oldest son graduated, so we had a party and it was lots of fun. Other than that, not much.

Thoughts About July

I think I'll probably go more places in July. Fireworks, DC, things like that. I hope we'll also get in our North Carolina trip too.

I also hope to get close to finishing the first draft of Return to Wonderland. Right now I'm at the midpoint and I'm over halfway through my proposed word count. I'm also going to work on my characters in The Girl with the Sword.

I'd like to draw the main character from Return to Wonderland as well. Celia, the main character, Flynn (aka the Mad Hatter), and the Queen of Hearts.

I want to get some more drawing in, along with some other art. I have some canvases on my desk right now to make signs for my mom and grandmother.

And hopefully I'll get to do more summer things. Swimming, summer movies, fun times with friends, and all that.

Let's talk! How was June for you? What did you do, and what plans do you have for July? Tell me in the comments.


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