Underrated Disney Movies: Part 2

Underrated Disney Movies: Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of my Underrated Disney Movies series. (Check out part 1 if you haven't seen it already.) If you need even more movies for your summer watch list, want to have something to watch while you're waiting for the next Disney movie to come out, or are just curious, here's eleven more movies that don't get the attention they deserve.

Bedknobs and Broomsticks

What It's About: Three children are sent out of London due to the air-raids, only to find their guardian is a witch. The children, the witch, and her instructor set out to help defeat the German troops and have fun adventures along the way.

Why You Should Watch It: It's a cute and fun adventure done around the same time as Mary Poppins. It has the same 2-D animation overlaid on the live action scenes. The children are adorable, especially the little boy, and the witch is played by Angela Lansbury. It also has amazing music, written by the Sherman brothers (they also did Mary Poppins).

The Great Mouse Detective

What It's About: When a young mouse by the name Olivia's father is taken, she meets Basil of Baker Street in her search to get him back. He's a detective like the man that lives above him. He takes the case to help Olivia find her father, just to discover that the plot runs deeper than anyone imagined. His archenemy, Ratigan, has a plan to take over the whole of England (or the mouse part anyway). Basil and Dawson must solve the case and save the day.

Why You Should Watch It: Sherlock Holmes in mouse form. Disney did a great job of capturing Sherlock's personality and changing him into an animal. The mystery is very Holmes-esqe, and has an amazing climax. The world is similar to American Tale, with mice living along side the humans.

The Muppets and Muppets Most Wanted

What They're About: The first movie is about Walter, a Muppet, and his brother Gary as they try to figure out who they are and save the old Muppet theater at the same time. In the second movie, a sequel to the first, the Muppets are on tour. However, their tour has been taken over by bad guys who want to steal the crown jewels. They have to stop them and prove themselves innocent.

Why You Should Watch Them: Both are hilarious and done in the style of the old Muppet movies. Slapstick, gags, and Muppet humor make them a barrel of laughs. I think they're underrated because people don't think they're as good as the old ones. They are, however. They have great music too.

Return to Never Land

What It's About: Wendy has grown up and now has two children of her own to raise while  her husband is fighting in WWII. While the air raids go on, she entertains them with stories of Peter Pan and Never Land. Jane, the oldest, doesn't believe in any of it until she gets captured by Captain Hook herself. Peter rescues her but Jane refuses to give into the magic. Instead she gets hooked by Captain Hook. Can Jane learn to believe before it's too late?

Why You Should Watch It: Peter Pan is a well known movie, but's sequel is often forgotten. I love both movies. This one especially because I've always I empathize with Jane and her struggles. The song "I'll Try" is amazing even if it's not heard a lot. Check this movie out if you liked the first one.

Lilo and Stitch

What It's About: Lilo is a lonely little girl and Stitch is an alien, the result of an illegal experiment. When the two meet, they form an unlikely bond. However, Stitch is being chased by other aliens so he can be destroyed. The two learn about trust and family on this epic Hawaiian adventure.

Why You Should Watch It: Because it's the sweetest story ever, that's why. Both Lilo and Stitch are outcasts and it has a lovely theme of ohana, or family. Lilo is the most adorable child ever, switching between being wise beyond her years and being a sad little girl. Her sister and her have a great relationship that feels authentic. It's also full of Elvis songs, since Lilo is a major King fan. I insist you watch this immediately.

National Treasure

What It's About: Ben Gates is a treasure hunter, looking for a treasure from the creation of America. He's been search for years, but when he finally finds a clue, he's betrayed by his so thought partner, Howe. Gates and his friends Riley and Abigail must find the treasure before Howe does.

Why You Should Watch It: An epic treasure hunt across America full of clues, history, and danger. It has a great cast including Nicholas Cage as Ben Gates and Sean Bean as Howe. The plot feels very Indian Jones. You should watch it because it's fun and a great family adventure.

Princess Diaries

What It's About: Mia is a normal teenager, until the day her grandmother, a queen, shows up and she finds out she's a princess. Mia has to decided what to do about that and who she wants to be.

Why You Should Watch It: It's a comical coming-of-age story that stars Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews, so of course it's amazing. It's got some love, adventure, and lots of royal stuff. Anne's character is a nobody at first and she's a very understandable person. If you need a bit of a laugh, this is an excellent one to watch. (And don't forget to watch the second one if you like this one.)

Ice Princess

What It's About: Casey is a teenager on a path to Harvard, like her mother, but she really wants to be a figure skater. She takes a chance and starts taking skating classes with children much younger than her. A coach sees her potential and offers to train her. Can Casey stand up to everyone who's against her and achieve her dreams?

Why You Should Watch It: I've always loved this one because it's about figure skating. Yes, the story is a bit improbable (I mean, how can someone go from barely skating to a national champion in few months?) but it's a got a good heart. The message of doing your best to achieve your dreams is great.


What It's About: Giselle is a beautiful princess, banished to our world by an evil queen. She's helped in our world by a man named Robert and his daughter. She begins to fall in love with him, until her fiance from the story world shows up, complicating things.

Why You Should Watch It: It's one of the forgotten Disney movies, since Giselle isn't an official Disney Princess. However, everyone should watch it, since it has a fun story and great music. Amy Adams is Giselle, Patrick Dempsey is Robert, and it's even got Idina Menzel as Robert's ex-fiance. The music is one of my favorite parts of the whole thing.

Prince of Persia

What It's About: Dastan is the adopted son of the king of Persia. When he gets blamed for killing his father, he goes on the run a princess to protect a treasure, the world, and find the Sands of Time.

Why You Should Watch It: It's an epic adventure across Persia, which is nice because you don't see a lot of stories placed there. There's a great cast and it's a bit scary, but lots of fun. The only bad thing about it is the ending. Give it a try if you want another Indian Jones type story.

Winnie the Pooh

What It's About: The adventure begins when Eeyore looses his tail and the animals of the Hundred Acre Woods search for it. Halfway through their search they discover Christopher Robin is missing and supposedly taken by the Backson. They set out to find him and get him back.

Why You Should Watch It: Everyone's watched The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (and if you haven't, do so immediately), but this more modern one, done in 2011, is just as good. It's humorous and well done in the style of the books. The puns are numerous and it's very sweet.

I hope you've enjoyed looking at these 22 underrated Disney movies and that you've got some new ideas of films to try.

Let's talk! Have you watched any of these movies? What Disney films do you think are underrated? Tell me in the comments.


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