The Get to Know Me Tag (Writers Edition)

The Get to Know Me Tag (Writers Edition)

You may have seen this tag floating around the blogging sphere lately. I was very excited to be tagged in it by Victoria from Wander's Pen (thanks Victoria!) and I can't wait to answer the questions. The tag was started by Savannah and the rules are as follows-

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• Tag eleven bloggers (but I'll only do a few)

Vital Stats and Appearance

Name: Rachel Elisabeth Meyer

Nicknames: Rach (normally only used by family and close friends)

Birthday: August 30 (not far now!)

Hair color and length: A medium brown that reaches past my waist. I've been a long hair girl for years.

Eye color: Hazel, with no particular dominate shade

Braces/piercings/tattoos: A single ear piercing in each ear.

Righty or lefty? Righty.

Ethnicity: Caucasian. Part German, part Irish, and a whole bunch of other stuff.


First novel written: I'm going to go with the first long story that I wrote that inspired me to write more, called The Princess Quest. It wasn't very good, but it had a princess in disguise, a trusty servant girl, an evil sorceress, and lots of true love. Looking back at it, my interests haven't changed much and I'd love to use it as an inspiration for a new novel someday.

First novel completed: My first real novel that I wrote from beginning to end was Jeremiah Was a Bullfrog and I'm actually still working with it, although a lot has changed. The first draft was a mess, but I wrote it all the way through and it was about 50k.

Award for writing: N/A

First Publication: I haven't been officially published yet, but I did post my first short story on the blog, so you can go read that if you want.

First Conference: I've never been to a writing conference, but I have been to a book festival, so that's about as close as I've gotten.

Query/Pitch: N/A (hopefully in the next year or so)


Novel (that you wrote): I'm going to go with Out of the Shadows: Hero by Night. It has so much of me in it and I really love superhero fiction, as I've mentioned before.

Genre: Probably fantasy, but science fiction is a close second.

Author: I have to pick one? Impossible. So here are a few of my favorites: C. S. Lewis, J. R. R. Tolkien, N. D. Wilson, Kiera Cass, and Marissa Meyer.

Writing Music: Soundtracks first, then pop music.

Time to Write: Mornings.

Writing Snack/Drink: I don't eat a lot while writing, but I love having something you can munch on, like pretzels or carrots, or whatnot. I like to drink water a lot, but also if I can, a frappe.

Movie: Again, just one? There are too many to pick from, so I'm just going with the most recent one that I added to my favorites, which is The Greatest Showman.

Writing Memory: The first time I completed NaNoWriMo and realized the writing potential I had. It really showed me that I can write a novel, and in thirty days no less.

Childhood Book: I loved a lot of books as a kid, but one I read frequently would be Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.


Reading: The Golden  Specific by S. E. Grove.

Writing: The Warrior and the Wizard and editing Lucy's Story. They're both going pretty well.

Listening to: Nothing at the moment, but Next to Me by Imagine Dragons is stuck in my head. (Thanks, Joel.)

Watching: My family is slowly watching through The Toys That Made Us on Netflix. It's really fascinating and you should check it out.

Learning: ASL. I started in high school as my language of choice (the joys of homeschool!) and I've been continuing my education since. I could probably hold an okay conversation now.


Want to Be Published: Absolutely. My dream since I was young is to become a famous author. But if I am an author at all, I'll be happy.

Indie or Traditional: Traditional, because I want my books in bookstores and libraries.

Wildest Goal: To become a full-time author, be invited to the National Book Festival, and have one of my books made into a movie (to perfection, of course).


• And anyone else who wants to join!

Are you a morning or evening writer? What are some of your writing goals? And what are some of your answers to these questions? Tell me in the comments.

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  1. Lovely post, Rachel! The spelling of your middle name is so pretty.

    I've become a morning writer over the past few months, as getting up a little early is the surest way for me to carve out some writing time. :)

    1. Thanks. It's one of my favorite parts of my name.

      High five for morning writing!

  2. I've definitely an evening writer, although sometimes when I get off work at 11 PM and don't go into work until 4 or so, I'll write a little before work. I also think about my writing while I'm at work (I have a really easy job that only takes half my brain, so I use the other half to write).

    1. That's cool too. It's fun seeing when other people write. Thanks for commenting. :)

  3. Thanks for tagging me!!! I haven't been tagged in a while. :-) Wow, you and I have the same hair color and very similar eye color. XD And we have several of the same favorite authors and memories. :-D I'm an evening writer, I don't know why. :-Z My writing goal is to glorify God in everything I write. :-) Loved this post!

    1. Who knew we looked so similar? I think that's a great goal and one of mine as well.


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