Breaking Fashion Rules

Don't wear plaid with stripes. Don't wear socks and sandals. Don't wear blue and black. We've all heard the rules of fashion a million times. But why allow someone else to dictate what we wear and how to wear it? That's today's topic. We're going to discuss fashion rules and how to break them.

The Rules

Fashion has a long history of do's and don'ts, no matter what era you're in. Don't wear that, it's not proper. Do wear this if you want to impress. This is cool, that is not. It's probably been that way since people started wearing clothes.

Many of these rules are good ones and there for a good reason. No one's going to give you a job at a nice company if you dress like a bum for the interview. Even these rules however are more like guidelines. Think of the pirates code from Pirates of the Caribbean. Keep in mind that not every rule is meant to be broken.

So why do we follow these rules people make up? Who are they to say what's right to wear? I think it's because we feel if we don't do what they say, we won't be cool. If we can get past that fear, you can learn to break the rules.

Go Outside the Lines

How about, instead of listening to the cool people, we try to actually be ourselves and be original? We've all been made differently and if we can embrace what makes us different, you'll be a happier person. Think about someone you like, a friend- a celebrity, whatever. What do you like about them? That thing that makes them different.

The next time you're going to your closet, why don't you try something new and outside the box? We all have those outfits we wear all the time. Pick one and see what you can do. Try putting a different colored shirt with it or new accessories. Find inspiration from all around you. Break those fashion rules. Who cares if it's mid winter. Wear that floral print dress anyway.

Personal Style

Everyone has a personal style, a type and way of wearing clothes that they enjoy. Some people wear what's trendy because they want to be cool, even if they don't like it. That's not personal style. If you like a trendy item and decide to use it in your current wardrobe, that's style.

Don't let others tell you what you can and can't do. Find your own style and go with that. Your personal style should be clothes that you like. Those outfits that make you feel pretty or bring a smile to your face when you wear it. Don't go with the flow.

Me, I like wearing denim with denim and blue with black. I wear white after Labor Day, because I'm not even sure why you shouldn't. I like finding new ways to combine colors and patterns. Personally, I'm still not fond of socks and sandals, but if you like it, wear it.

So, the whole point of this post is to be yourself and wear what you want. Let your inner style out and who knows, maybe one day people will be copying you.

What do you think about fashion rules? Should they be strictly followed or ignored? Tell me.


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