Let's Talk About: Lindsey Stirling

Lindsey Stirling is awesome and is inspiring to me. She's a YouTube violinist and the highest paid female YouTuber at that. (Yes, she actually knows how to hold a violin properly, and yes, her hair always looks about like that.) That's why I chose her for my next "let's talk about".

Who Is She?

If you haven't heard of her, I'll forgive you. (But check her out immediately after reading this.) Lindsey is the first hip-hop, dancing violinist, mostly because she is the person who invented it. She caught the attention of American Idol and was invited on the show. There she was humiliated on public television. But this girl did not give up. She started making videos, having enjoyed videography since she was younger, and putting them on YouTube. They quickly gained popularity and now she has over 7 million subscribers on her channel. Her videos get millions of views. Lindsey plays both regular violin and electric. Unfortunately she is part of the Church of Later Day Saints, but otherwise, she is super cool.

What Makes Her Inspiring?

Lindsey is inspiring in many ways. She doesn't give up. Despite all the bad things people have thrown at her, she remains strong. If she had given up that night after American Idol, no one would know dancing and playing violin could be combined. I'd never had heard of her.

She's weird and doesn't care. She doesn't care that most of the time her hair is crazy or the clothes she wears are strange. On her second channel she has an alter ego that goes by some weird name and pretends to be her own number 1 fan. Her weirdness is what makes her Lindsey.

I can only hope I'm as strong and determined as her. I want to be myself fearlessly and ignore what others think. She makes me want to try things that are different.

If you've never heard Lindsey play, head to her YouTube channel and watch a video or two or ten. Roundtable Rivalry is one of my favorites. Do you like Lindsey? What's your favorite video?


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