3 Spring Outfits

It's spring, although it doesn't look like it here in Maryland. With rain almost every day this month, I'm starting to get a bit tired of it. (Actually, I was tired of it about eleven days ago.) So today I'm going to give you three spring outfit ideas, even if you can't wear them for another two weeks.

Candy Colored
For a cheerful colored outfit, find a skirt in a candy color like pink, orange, or purple. Or go striped, like mine. Add a plain white top, sandals, and some bright colored jewelry to go with it. Sweet!

Athletic Beauty
This outfit is perfect for any springtime activities that might make you sweat. A pair of culottes or jeans paired with a casual tee shirt is simple and ready to go. Put on your sneakers, braid your hair, wear a bandanna, and you're prepared for anything.

Simple Scarf
Adding a scarf to an outfit can take it from normal to fancy. Grab a denim skirt and a collarless shirt and pop the scarf on top. Pair it with flats, a cute hairstyle, and some bracelets. This outfit is nice enough you could wear it to church or out and about.

Hopefully the rain will let up so you can wear one of these without worrying about getting wet. If you liked this article, also check out this one on 6 Ways to Wear Denim.

Which outfit is your favorite?


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