A White Queen Inspired Outfit

If you keep up with the movies, you may know that the next Alice in Wonderland film-Through the Looking Glass- will be coming out later this week. I'm looking forward to it. In honor of that, I'll be showing you know to dress inspired by the White Queen, played by the awesome Anne Hathaway.

You'll Need-

White clothing (or something close to white)
Dark red lipstick
Dark red or black nail polish
Pearl jewelry
Bobby pins

We'll start with the outfit. Mirana (the White Queen's name) wears only white. If you have a white dress, that would be perfect. If not, a white shirt and skirt will work. Add white or black shoes. For an extra touch, white fingerless gloves would give extra flair.

The hair is simple. Separate a strand of hair on each side of your head. Pin in the back of your head with the bobby pins.

Now, the make-up. Line your upper lid with eyeliner. If you use mascara (I'm too afraid of losing an eye to use it), apply that as well. Put on the lipstick and paint your nails. I didn't have time to do this, but it does add a lot.

Don't forget the jewelry. Mirana wears a pearl necklace, so if you have one, add it. White earrings of any type will finish it off.

And you're done. Don't forget to move very gracefully all day long.


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