5 Reasons You Should Watch the Peanuts Movie

Perhaps you've heard of the Peanuts Movie, the animated 3-D movie that came out this past November. I was a bit nervous when it came out, but after I watched it, I was in love. Maybe you heard about it and thought it would be awful. Or maybe you haven't even heard of it. Either way, here are five reasons you should watch it.

1. It's beautifully done in the style of Charles Schulz. It looks like they took the comics and turned them into 3-D animation. The animators went through a whole school to learn to draw just like he did. Also, his son and grandson were heavily involved in making the film.

2. The movie has a great message. Through the whole movie, all Charlie Brown wants is to impress the Little Red Haired Girl. But everything he tries ends in failure. What he doesn't realize is that the Little Red Haired Girl actually sees him doing kind things for others. The point is to not give and keep trying.

3. It's hilarious. There are many jokes, old and new, that keep you laughing, unless you're crying because it's so sweet.

4. It's reminiscent of the old comics and films. Snoopy still pretends he is a WWII flying ace. Lucy still has her famous speech about nickles. If you ever watched the old movies, you'll love this one too. The actors they got to play the kids are also well done. They sound like kids, but also like the old characters. (Hint, keep watching through the whole credits.)

5. It's perfect for everyone. Anyone who ever like Peanuts will like this. It's also a great way to introduce kids to Charlie Brown and the gang. Even older people would probably like this amazing film.

And also, there is the song, Better When I'm Dancing, in it. Any time you're feeling down or just need a peppy song, this is the way to go.

What do you think of the Peanuts Movie? Will you watch it or have you already?


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