The Diverse Book Dilemma

Diverse books are all the rage right now. There is even a whole campaign called We Need Diverse Books. Unfortunately, people are using diverse books in bad ways as well as good. Today we are going to talk about diverse books and how diverse they should, or should not, be.

Diverse Books

First, what is a diverse book? It is generally defined as a book that has characters or situations which are not stereotypical or well represented. Cultures, religions, race, and disabilities are some of the main things people want to see more of. Sadly, so are all gay, lesbian, trans-gender, and all that trash.

You have to be very careful when you read diverse books. The idea is good, but, like most things in this world, has been twisted for the use of evil. I do enjoy a book with a good, different protagonist or situation. Like Percy Jackson, who has ADHD and dyslexia. Or many characters in the Earthsea Cycle.

Writing Diverse Books

As a Christian and a writer, I believe we need to have many different books. Our world has so many wonderful people and cultures in it, and we should write about them all. But we should not advocate bad things.

These days, in many books there is a minor gay character. All the other people in the book are quick to reassure them that it's okay. They understand. THIS IS WRONG. Sorry, had to get that out there. But it is. It annoys me so much to watch people accept them without a problem.

The same goes for sex. It seems to show up in everything these days, whether it advances the story or not. A sensuous sex scene is one of the top things that turn me off to a book. That and cussing on practically every page.

We face a dilemma with all these things. What sort of characters should we portray in our books? Where do we draw about things like sex, even if the characters are married?

You should go by the Bible first. Words and stories have power, and our stories should match what's found in our guide book, the Word of God. After that, it's mostly a personally decision. Do what you think is right. Different people have different lines.

What is your opinion on diverse books and characters? Tell me what you think, I'd love to know.


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