A Guide to Bracelets

Today I bring you another one of my jewelry guides. So far we've covered earrings and necklaces. This is the third and final part- bracelets! Who doesn't love a bracelet? They're fun, simple, and everyone can wear them. Let's get started.

Bracelet Guide

Bangles are a popular bracelet that can range from thin to thick. They are an unbroken circle normally made of metal. Bangles are a timeless piece that are great for any wardrobe. You can also layer them for a cool effect.

Beaded bracelets are usually a single strand of beads, though they can have more. Some have clasps and others are made of elastic. They come in a variety of styles for whatever taste you may have. They are great for layering. These are easy to make at home too.

A cuff is similar to the bangle, but with an opening to slip around your wrist. They sit on your wrist and don't move. These also range from trendy to classic.

Chain bracelets are obviously made of chain. You can get them thin or chunky, with gemstones, or more classic. Chain is a popular style for anyone.

Charm bracelets are chain bracelets with charms hanging from it. They've been popular forever, whether you want one to show your interest, travels, or children. They come in a wide range of prices, or you can make one yourself.

Friendship bracelets are the occupation of many little girls. You probably had one, you may still have one. They're made from embroidery thread knotted together in special patterns.

Tennis bracelets are made with gemstones and best for formal wear. They are beautiful, but rather expensive.

I hope this post helps you. Which one is your favorite bracelet? Which do you own? Tell me in the comments, I'd love to know.


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