The Writerly Sibling Tag

The Writerly Sibling Tag

Would you look at that. Me doing a tag that I was actually tagged in. My sister Bethany tagged me (you can read her post here) back in August. I am now finally doing it and looking forward to answer these questions after too much thought. *quietly panics because I can't remember any siblings I've ever written*

The Rules

Rule One: Thank the blogger who tagged you (thanks Bethany!) and provide a link to their post (see above).
Rule Two: Answer the inquires, including any ones added by means of rule six.
Rule Three: Always use your own characters. No exception, unless you don't actually have sibling characters (in which case you need to go write up some) or you don't write (in which case you need to start ASAP).
Rule Four: Tag three other bloggers.
Rule Five: If you happen to have any siblings who blog, they are automatically tagged and cannot count towards your three. (My sister already tagged me, so that's done.)
Rule Six: Add one question or prompt to the list of questions the person before you answered relating to siblings and/or characters. Answer the question, and provide a list of all the questions of that you answered so far
(So, for example, someone I tag will have 11 questions to answer, one of which will be their own. The next will have 12, 10 of which are mine, 1 of which is the previous blogger's, and 1 of which is there own. The next person will have 13, and so forth....)
Rule Seven: Close out the post making some statement or other glorifying the King of kings.

The Questions

Name the most annoying sibling character in any of your stories (Either annoying to you as the author or to any other characters)

Probably Ichabod's brother in my Legend of Sleepy Hollow retelling. He bullies Ichabod, so I'd say that's pretty annoying.

Name the most caring sibling character in any of your stories

I really like writing nice people, so I  have a lot of options. I'm going to go with Wendell from the story I'm working on for NaNoWriMo. He's an amazing big brother and wants to protect everyone and I love him.

Name the most entertaining sibling character in any of your stories

My siblings aren't super entertaining, or at I least I don't think so. But maybe I'll go with May from an old story I wrote that will never see the light of day. She's like eight and precocious and honestly a bit of a brat.

Name a sibling character who was inspired in some way by an actual sibling

I haven't exactly based any on a sibling, but two of the younger brothers in Hollows and Horsemen are inspired by my own semi-annoying younger brothers. (Love them anyway ❤.)

Name the largest character family (talking family, not family tree) in any of your stories

Again, Horsemen and Hollows. There are six Van siblings- John, Shirley, Rose, Brian, Paul, and Henry. I really wanted to write a big family for once.

Provide one to three excerpts from your sibling characters' dialog from any of your stories

From An Octopus Ate My Homework (conversation between Lauren and Zach)-

“How was work today?” I ask.
She makes a face. “The usual. Good customers, bad ones, the annoying co-worker.”
I pat her arm. “You’re more of a hero than I am to deal with that on a daily basis.”
She tosses her hair. “Darn right I am. And nobody gives me an credit for it.”
“I do,” I say, and give her my best bear hug. She shoves me off, but I know she loves me anyway.
“Well, I got a video to upload and homework to do, so I shall see in three hundred years.”
“Or when Mom says it’s time for supper.”
“Or then.”

And one from Out of the Shadows (Hana and Tyler)-

A light like a flashlight beam hit me. “Gotcha!” said a triumphant voice that I knew well. Tyler.
I dashed across the room and clapped my hand over his mouth. “Quiet, please,” I whispered.
He pushed my hands away. “I knew you were up to something. But what exactly is it?” He shone his flashlight up and down, taking in my outfit.
“Stop shining that thing in my eyes. I'll turn on my light,” I said. I switched on my desk lamp.
“You haven't answered my question.” Tyler crossed his arms “What have you been doing and why are you dressed like that?”
I took a deep breath and decided not to lie. “This is kind of a long story. Want to sit down?”

Name three published books which have an amazing portrayal of siblings or family

1. Little Women. I always say this one.

2. Sal and Gabi Fix the Universe. I love Gabi and Iggy and the way she makes everyone her family.

3. The Fowl Twins. Super genius twins? Sign me up.

Name another author's character family that you wouldn't mind jumping into

Maybe the Bennets (from Pride and Prejudice). I think it could be fun. Plus, I'd have five sisters.

Provide an excerpt of sibling drama or camaraderie from any title (though be sure to credit it)

An excerpt from Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. I love all of Lizzy and Jane's dialog

Name two characters from two unrelated books that you feel would make for great literary siblings (whether in terms of getting along, or being a constant head-to-head combat)

How about Lucy and Ramona? I can't decide if they would get along or fight like crazy, but I'd love to see.

What sibling trope would you like to write in the future?

Maybe something to do with older siblings? Like trying to protect their younger siblings or raise them or something.

My question! Which of your own sibling groups would you love to join?

Personally, I would really like to join Celia Lopez and her siblings. They're awesome and love each other and seem like lots of fun.

The Tags

Who are your favorite siblings you've written? What's the best representation you've seen in a book? Tell me in the comments.

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