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*takes deep breath* Okay, so today I'm doing something I've never tried before. I'm sharing the first tag I've ever created myself! If I like it, I've got some other ideas for tags that could be fun. I thought for my first one I'd try something to do with books, since I'm more familiar to them. I introduce you to. . .

Imagine Dragons Book Tag

Imagine Dragons is one of my favorite bands, and the Taylor Swift tag inspired me to do one based around them. I did do a search and it looks like there may be some similar tags out there, but they're either in Spanish or on YouTube, so I don't think I'm copying anyone. They're all my original questions, anyway. (Besides, sometimes I think everything's already been done on the internet.) So here we go.


1. Link back to the creator (me!).
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3. Answer the questions. (Feel free to use the graphic.)
4. Tag as many or few people as you like!

Super easy. Let's get on to these questions.

A book where the main character has a curse (or gift that seems like one)

The Glass Spare. The main character in this book has the ability to turn things to gemstones, but that turns out to be a Midas like problem.

A book you resisted reading

The Fault in Our Stars. Of course, that's only one of the ones that comes to mind. I have a problem where when a book is super hyped I'm like "no way I'm going to read that for the next three years".

A book with a negative character arc

Heartless. I think it's interesting to find a book that has a negative arc, because most of the time, characters become better, not worse. It can be hard to read them, though.

A book where the character has a secret

The Traitor Prince. Sajda, the second main character of the book, has a secret that she can't tell anyone, she's an elf, hated and feared by the kingdom. (Not really a spoiler because you learn that early on.) The interesting part comes when the prince falls in love with her, not knowing what she is.

Hear Me
A book you love that people don't seem to know about

Unknown books represent! For this category I'm choosing The Twistrose Key. It's such a spectacular fantasy book in the style of books like Narnia, but I never hear it talked about. Thus I must be my own fandom.

A book set in your state/country

Amber House. The whole reason I picked up this book was because it's set in Maryland. It's so hard to find interesting books set here. It was a pretty cool mystery.

Whatever It Takes
A book where the main character won't give up despite the odds

Wolf by Wolf. One of the best things about Yael, the main character of this novel, is how utterly determined she is to complete her mission, working through obstacle after obstacle to achieve her goal.

Walking the Wire
A book with a hard-won romance

The Winner's Curse. She's a royal, he's a slave. It's the sort of thing that should never work, yet the two of them try so hard to be together. Lots of things happen as the books proceed, but I can't say much because spoilers.

A book that rattled you

Eliza and Her Monsters. I found this book so deeply moving. It was a hard read, but a good one.

A book you keep coming back to

I'm going to go with a different answer than I normally would. The Legend of Holly Claus. I'm not sure what draws me to this book. The magic? The simple purity of Holly? How deep the story actually is? Whatever it is, I've read it many times over the years.

Bad Liar
A book with an unreliable narrator

Confessions of a Murder Suspect. I remember nothing of this book, but I do remember that it had a narrator that you couldn't trust. It's actually hard to find those types of books.

A book with lots of tech/computers/video games

The Quest to the Uncharted Lands. There's lots of steampunk tech in this series that is so awesome, but this book was by far my favorite of them all.


And anyone else who wants to give it a try!

What's your favorite Imagine Dragons song? What are your answers to some of these questions? Tell me in the comments.

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  1. Ooh, thanks for tagging me!!! Great job on the tag! It looks really fun. :-D My current favorite ID song is West Coast; but I honestly love all their songs. <33 All these books sound so amazing!

    1. Thanks. I know, it's so hard to pick a favorite. My current one is probably Zero or Natural, though.


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