March 2019 Recap

March 2019 Recap

Was this post supposed to be up on Thursday? Yes. Is it incredibly late? Yes. Do I have a good reason why? You'll have to keep reading to find out.

Ever have one of those months where you feel like you accomplished exactly zip? That was March for me. I'll probably feel like I did more once I've written it all out, but I just don't feel like I've made the progress I wanted. It would also be nice if the weather would cooperate and feel like spring.

What I Did

• I bought my first car! That's the reason this post is so late. I've been working hard to get it and tag and title it and all that. I'm so excited to finally have it.

• I went to the Maryland Walk for Life. There was a good turnout, even if it was a bit cold. (There was also a drunk guy yelling Mardi Gras at us, so that was interesting.) Afterwords we went to a restaurant my parents used to go to while dating, which was fun.

• Made my first YouTube video. It was a bullet journal plan with me featuring my March theme- the Lord of the Rings. I'd love if you'd give it a watch.

• Got to see a really cool Egyptian exhibit at the National Geographic museum all about women and ancient Egypt. It made me remember how much I love that time period. Plus, it talked a lot about queens and murder and perfume.


Little Women- Louisa May Alcott (5 stars)
The Storm Runner- J. C. Cervantes (4 stars)
The Forest Queen- Betsy Cornwall (1 1/2 stars)
The Maze Runner- James Dashner (4 stars)
Blood for Blood- Ryan Graudin (5 stars)
The Red Pyramid- Rick Riordan (3 1/2 stars)
The Whispering Skull- Jonathan Stroud (4 stars)
Abridged Classics- John Atkinson (5 stars)

Anyone else notice a theme here? I really didn't mean it. I also didn't read that much because getting through Little Women took a while.


Ralph Breaks the Internet (made me cry, even though it wasn't quite as good as the first one)

Push (a surprisingly good, non-DC or Marvel superhero movie, starring Chris Evans. Totally recommend)

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse (amazing and deserving of winning best picture)

Captain Marvel (I loved it! Just what I wanted and not feminist at all)

Watership Down (the Netflix series. Interesting animation and a good adaption)

On the Blog

First off, my sister and I did a fun video on her blog drawing our characters in ten minutes each. You should totally check that out because it was very fun.

This month I created my own original tag, so you should totally check that out. I had a lot of fun creating it. And my most popular post this month was my guide to oldest siblings, which got a lot of response.


My goal for March was to finish plot editing New Magic. That didn't quite happen, as it took longer than I anticipated. (And I probably procrastinated too much.) However, I think another week of hard work and I should be able to take a short break from that. It's already gained at least ten thousand more words, which is good.


I was a little slow this month, since I was working so hard at editing my video. But I did enjoy doing some LoTR doodles in my bullet journal. I also did this drawing of Captain Marvel in celebration of the movie coming out.

April Thoughts

• I will finish plot editing New Magic and then start doing some agent research and beta reader research. It's a bit nerve-wracking, really.

• I want to draw another picture and I have an idea for a new quote to do, so those are my planned art projects.

• I hope to get a bit more done in April. I'm thinking of trying having few goals to see if I feel less stressed about things. You got to remember to slow down sometimes.

How was March for you? What was the most exciting thing you did this month? Watched anything good? Tell me in the comments.

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  1. March was crazy busy for me! Congratulations on the car. I got my first car last year. Such fun!

    1. Thanks. I hope April is less busy for you!


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